Student Recycling Costume Contest

First Place: $100 - Second Place: $75 - Third Place: $50

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With Earth Day quickly approaching we would like to introduce students to the benefits of recycling in a way that would be fun for the entire class. This contest is open to school age students from tri-state schools as an enjoyable and educational way to involve these young ecologists in Earth Day's Celebration.

Rules and Objectives:

Create a wearable costume made entirely from recycled materials and communicate the 2024 theme, “Planet vs. Plastics.”

Create an 11x14 or large poster showing a drawing of the costume and a list of the different types of recycled/reused items applied to the costume.

Student(s) will be expected to 1.) wear the costume, 2.) Explain the costume to judges how it communicates the yearly theme, on the main stage, for chance to earn cash prizes.

Don't forget to invite family and friends to Summit Park to see your creation on stage!

Teacher or authorized adult must accompany the students to the stage area.

Judging Criteria:

Recycled materials used for the costume must be collected by class members.

The concept/design must be conceived by the students and communicate the yearly theme.

Costumes may be made of any combination of recycled materials such as newsprint, cardboard, plastic bottles/bags, caps, egg carton, paper bags, magazines, printer spools, etc.

NO glass or items that can splinter or shatter can be used.

Judges will consider how many types of recycled items were used.

You may use tape, glue, paste, thread, etc., as needed to bind the recycled material together.

Costumed student should not be on stilts or raised in air in the interest of safety.


Fill out and return the registration form (see above) as soon as possible. Be sure to include:

Complete mailing address of the school.

School phone number with area code, and fax number.

Name of the classroom teacher.

Send or fax your registration ASAP - participation will be determined on a first come basis.

Should you be chosen as one of the contestants, you will receive further information with additional details about the contest as well as directions and contestant staging area at Summit Park.

Email registrations to and for more information contact

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