Want to volunteer at the largest Earth Day event in the region?

Volunteer Information

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How should I Dress? Do I need to bring anything?

Please wear loose fitting/comfortable clothing and supportive footwear. Many opportunities will involve being directly in sunlight or rain - please bring sunscreen or wear protective clothing (e.g., hats/caps/rain gear/umbrella). Please pay close attention to the local weather to get an idea. You may need gloves for certain types of opportunities (e.g., loading/unloading tables,& Chairs, picking up and emptying trash containers, etc.).

Where do volunteers go when they get to the celebration? Is there a central 'check-in' place?

When you arrive at Summit Park report to the 'volunteer' tent. You'll sign in ("Time In" and "Liability Release" forms), and be assigned a job.

Can I get credit for a "Community Service" or "School" type project?

We are happy to provide signatures or other documentation (e.g., a copy of the volunteer sign in/sign out sheet) showing the number of hours that you volunteered at the Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration. Please just let us know what you need when you sign in.

How old do volunteers need to be? Are there any restrictions?

We generally recommend that volunteers be high school age or older - children younger than 14 must have adult supervision. All volunteers are required to sign a "Liability Release" form (see above), and a parent or guardian signature is required for all minors (under age 18) who volunteer. This can be signed by a parent/guardian in advance and brought to the event by the youth volunteer, or signed at the event by the parent/guardian.

What if it is raining on Earth Day?

The Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration will go on RAIN or SHINE!!

What if I cannot perform the duties of the assigned job?

Safety first. Please let someone know at the GCEC headquarter tents. Please do not do anything that you are physically unable to do. We will be able to provide assistance.


​Email our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@cincinnatiearthday.org. We'll get back to you soon.

Open Board and Committee Positions Available

Secretary: Takes minutes, edits minutes and publishes in newsletter format to our members and opt in list after approval via email account. Writes letters and communications required by the organization. Contact info@cincinnatiearthday.org

Treasurer: Receives the booth registrations and rental orders. manages the Google Drive sheet with orders and assigns the booth locations on the event map. Orders the rental items and produces the distribution map. Checks the orders the day before the event and trouble shoots issues the day of the event.   Contact info@cincinnatiearthday.org

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